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Frequently asked Questions

What services does Erdano provide for suppliers?

Erdano’s platform offers registered suppliers an appealing, and convincing online networking in correspond to gain exposure globally via our comprehensible search engine. Erdano present the service for suppliers at NO COST; therefore, Erdano rebrands itself to offer easiest way to create an online impact for your company’s business progress while expanding the marketability across different continents.

How much do suppliers have to pay?

Basic Supplier membership is FREE OF CHARGE. As new Suppliers have to full fill different requirements, each new Supplier registration also need to go through our approval process manually.

Can I cancel my membership?

Yes, the membership can be unsubscribed at any time. Please take note that your profile will be permanently deleted upon termination. In case you would like to re-register with the Erdano portal again, you need to go through the entire registration process from the initial process.

Which supplier statistics are available?

Registered suppliers have their personalized dashboards, where they are able to track how many potential customers have visited and screened their profiles. Details such as country / city of visiting customers are available and results can be configured for a specific period.

Can I update my supplier profile after the registration?

Yes, it is highly recommended that you update your company profile regularly. Your profile can be updated easily via the dashboard and changes appear in real time.

How can I improve the probability of being found by Purchasers?

Option 1 (Free)

Update your company profile regularly and fully use images and detailed listings of your machineries. Emphasizing your key competences is valuable as purchasers often look for suitable suppliers with specific expertise rather than general manufacturers by evaluating specific production technologies and detailed dimensions.

Option 2 (Paid)

With Erdano, search ranking and accessibility can be improved by payment of a modest fee. You can decide time, location and for which kind of industry you would like to be prominent and renowned.

My question is not answered here. Where can I find help?

You can call our hotline team at +41 (0) 79 353 00 24 or send an email to support@erdano.com.

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