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Erdano Services for Purchasers

Purchasers are able to select the most suitable manufacturer easily in very quick session for different kind of commodities such as metal machining, sheet metal works or plastics processing customized parts, which are served on Erdano's network.

Our Membership packages includes:



This packages includes general supplier search Dynamic Structured Purchaser Dashboard etc

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This packages includes functions of the Basic Precise supplier selection etc.

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This packages includes functions of Standard. NDA -, RFQ -, Contract -, eAuction Mgmt.

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This packages includes functions of Premium Precise supplier selection etc.

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  • Features
    • Free Registration

    • General Search of Suppliers

    • Dynamic and Structured Purchaser Dashboard

    • Visibility of Supplier Organization (T&C Applied)

    • Accessibility of Suppliers Data Sheet Incl. Operations

    • Accessibility of Suppliers Company presentation

    • Accessibility of Suppliers Images

    • Download of Suppliers Machining list

    • Download of Suppliers Company Presentation

    • Download of Suppliers Images

    • Precise Selection of Supplier's Expertise & Additional Services

    • Customized Selection of Part Characteristics

    • Unlimited Selection of different Supplier Locations

    • Unlimited Visibility of Supplier Organization

    • Unlimited Selection Based on Purchaser's Location

    • Unlimited Anonymous Search Options

    • Exclusive Suppliers Contact Details (V-Card)

    • Direct Messaging Services with Potential Suppliers

    • Download of Suppliers Data Sheet

    • NDA Management

    • RFQ Management

    • Contract Management

    • Auction Management

    • Price calculator for Metal Machining

    • Price calculator for Sheet Metal Fabrications

    • Price calculator for Plastics Processing

  • Standard

  • Premium

  • Platinum

Discovering suitable suppliers for customized parts has never been so easy

Erdano offers a detailed and comprehensive database of suppliers for metal machining, sheet metal works and plastics processing customized parts. Our simple and intelligent search engine helps purchasers to identify and filter suppliers considering numerous criteria, which includes commodity, technology, part size, part weight, materials, accuracy/precision, additional services, location and more.

This ensures that selected suppliers will achieve your expectations, but most importantly, the supplier will be able to manufacture the customized parts you require. Suppliers’ profiles contain all relevant information, including the company profile, machining lists and accessible contacts of authorized personnel.

How to discover the perfect supplier

  • The biggest and detailed database for metal machining, sheet metal works and plastics processing customized parts in the manufacturing industry.
  • Easy-to-use and smart search engine with numerous options to filter the data.
  • Supplier contact details and other important information are available at a glance.

Our expertise will support you at every step of the way!

Our service team, consist of experienced personnel, is available and accessible at all to accommodate the best solutions for your inquiries. Additionally, we will pre-screen and review in very detailed and strict procedures for every new Supplier’s registration to ensure all our requirements are being fulfilled.

The ideology of the Erdano online portal is to provide the best support for you to identify the most suitable suppliers for your customized part in QUICK session at NEAREST regions, with the BEST VALUE, LEAD TIME and QUALITY.

To learn more about Erdano's features for purchasers, please >> click here <<

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